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Future graphic design major, sprinkled in with other passions.

Officially brought to life in my senior year of high school, Gavin Designs is a passionately bold design firm, aiming to create-modern graphics that transcend tradition. Feel free to browse some highlighted works to the side, or checkout the full gallery at my behance profile. (linked below)

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So you want to know a little more about me?

Hey! I’m Gavin, a high school senior in Southwest Missouri. I’ve always had a passion for anything technology related throughout my early years of life (and still do). Typically, you can find me in my own area of the room, working away on various tasks, from messing around with software to getting ‘actual work’ done. Graphic design has always been an interest to me, with live audio engineering also being of interest, with this year being the first that I was hired to officially work as a production director for a local church. I try to make sure that the time I spend each day is meaningful, because we can’t get back any time after it’s spent. With this, I try to understand everything around me, always excited to learn more about things I don’t understand, and improve my current skill-set even more.

This past year in high school, I decided to take Marketing 1 as a fun class to fill the rest of my schedule in. From taking that class, it reignited the flame I have for Graphic Design, diving deeper into the field and learning even more than before. Within the duration of that class, I created my design firm that I label all my work with now. Originally dubbed “Eastside Graphics”, I changed the name to “Gavin Designs” after a few suggestions from my partner, plus I think the branding for Gavin Designs looks way better, but that’s probably biased. Either way, Gavin Designs is something I plan to continue improving, and eventually follow as a career both in college and after college. I'm glad to be continuing my knowledge at Drury University with the class of 2026. I’d like to thank everyone that has helped me get to this point, told me to keep following my passions, encouraging me to explore more, and anyone that has supported me throughout this process.

© 2022 gavin designs

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